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Boxes and packing materials

We would all love it if in packing a storage shed, everything came together like building a wall. But with every household and business different, more often than not it feels like a game of three dimensional tetris, but played out in the Queensland summer sun with very valuable pieces.

To help bring both protection and packing ease to your storage solution, we offer various boxes and other materials to assist in the storage of all your possesions here at Elite. We offfer multiple sized boxes, along with various packing tapes, packing materials, reams of bubble wrap, and also some friendly advice on which ones you will need. For anyone utilising our internal or second story storage facilities, pre-boxing your goods make transport over those final meters a breaze, able to load straight from the trailer or van in easily carried or trollied loads.

Click here for the price list or visit your local Elite Self Storage during office hours and view our extensive range of boxes and packing materials.

Truck and Trailer Hire

Every Elite Self Storage site has a Move In Trailer that you can use to move your goods into our facility for FREE.

Click here for more details.

How much space do you need?


Are you unsure of how much space you will need? Use this handy space calculator to estimate the cubic metres. Contact our friendly staff if you require further assistance.

Packing Tips

  1. Fridges/Freezers – defrost and tape open doors so that air can circulate.
  2. Washing Machines – drain out the hoses.
  3. Wardrobes – use the space inside to store boxes and bags.
  4. Dismantle – as many items as possible (beds, tables etc).
  5. Plastic Protective Covers – for mattresses and other items such as chairs, lounges, tables etc. Some of these items may be stored on their side. Chair legs can be wrapped in corrugated cardboard. (See our staff about our range of packing materials).
  6. Larger/heavy items – store these at the base (washing machines, cupboards etc).
  7. Smaller/lighter items – store these on top to maximise space.
  8. Condense Floor space – try to use the full height of the storage unit.
  9. Access – keep items you may wish to access first to the front of your unit.
  10. Carton Storage – keep weight of each carton under 15kg, line cartons with plastic, fill empty spaces with butchers/wrapping paper and list contents of side of carton with marking pen.
  11. Pictures and Mirrors – wrap in corrugated cardboard, mark fragile and store standing on edge.
  12. Clothing – the port-a-robe is perfect for storage of clothing to gain easy access and stop crushing.

For advice on any storage problems, please do not hesitate to ask our friendly trained staff.


Need a Removalist? At Elite we have sourced the best Removalists that will look after your valuables.  Please select from our list:

  • B Moved - 1300 266 833
  • Bren’s Removal and Transport - 0437 600 565      
  • Brisk Transport Removalists Brisbane - 1300 427 475     
  • Dundons Removals - (07) 3889 2881
  • JSM Removals - 1300 462 009
  • MiniMovers - 1300 884 995
  • Mr T Removals - (07) 3883 2032
  • North Lakes Removals - 0402 495 341
  • Northside Removals - (07) 3882 0777
  • Piano Moves - 1300 553 592
  • Scotty’s “The Movers” - 1300 669 409
  • Smart Move - 0410 326 376


Whilst your goods are in self storage they are NOT COVERED by the facility for loss or damage. The Self Storage Association of Australasia strongly recommends that ALL customers take out insurance cover or maintain any existing cover that may be on their goods.

What if I have a household contents policy or other Insurance cover?
Don't assume ANY EXISTING policy will automatically cover your goods in self storage, ask the insurance company and find out whether your existing policy is suitable for covering your goods in self storage.

Will my goods be safe?
While we will take all possible care, unfortunately there are no guarantees in today's world and incidents of accidental or deliberate nature are an unfortunate fact of life. Insurance is strongly recommended.

How much will Insurance cost?
The insurance cost is very reasonable and available at all our facilities as part of your storage contract. It is underwritten by QBE Insurance. Contact our friendly staff today to inquire about insurance prices.

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